Ha! at last a place to rant. How we are fucked up each day by sleazy sales tactics. Got an 1GB Cruzer USB stick a while ago. Guess what? There was U3 on it. It’s terrible , it launches all kind of things when you enter the stick in a pc.

Hidden on the Sandisk’s site was a U3 removal tool. This is aboslute trash. In typical Windows style, the removal tool starts all kind of subprocesses: backing up the content of the stick, starting the removal and then the system formatter utility. But guess what? Things work asynchronously. So when the U3 removal tool thinks step 1 is completed, in effect step 1 has triggered a Vista security dialog that is hidden because of a mouseclick…so I ended up with 7 dialogs all waiting for each other, 2 formatting processes, one dialog asking for a confirmation of sorts..  ARGHHH ! So I franticly clicked yes! format ! yes delete everyting ! yes format again in a parallel process, you stupid pc !

Mmmm I must say, ranting feels good.