Russel Beattie does not want to miss the train this time.  He sees the big wave of tablets coming, but he  is not sure when to jump an board:

Anyways, I think the whole area is just incredibly exciting – now if I can just figure out how to take advantage of it, so that in five years when all this stuff I’m seeing comes around. Despite the fact that I really grokked the power of smartphones back in 2003, when the wave of iPhone-lead smartphone popularity hit in 2008, I wasn’t anywhere near the place I needed to be to take advantage of it – I didn’t want to develop for Apple, I wasn’t expecting Apps to be such a huge business, and honestly by that time I was getting tired of waiting and had forgotten what the excitement was all about. Hopefully I can avoid making that mistake again in the future.

The tingly sensation is back, the countdown to general adoption has begun, and the players are all set to start. I just hope I can figure out where to be when the whistle finally blows, you know?


Well to be honest I think Russell will miss this train also. Because one cannot “wait” for the right time. If you wait, you loose years of learning how to deal with all aspects of being an entrepreneur, dealing with clients, doing marketing, getting to know the needs of the market segment you are working for; learning from mistakes, trying different approaches and so on.

Succes rarely is a one-shot thing. Yiou try different iterations, keep trying, learn, adjust.

So my point is:  Just do it. Start. If you have an idea for a product, make it and put in the app market of your platform of choice. (If you don’t have an idea, find a partner who has good ideas but perhaps lacks development skills and team up with her).

And if you don’t have that idea for the next foursquare/twitter/whatsapp/angry birds app that will take the world by viral storm, choose a ‘vertical’. Ask a professional in your town what she would like to be able to do with his tablet. A real estate agent, an insurance person, a dentist,  a city hall servant. Promise her a free app in return for testing and using the app for you.



We all know the value of gadgets is mostly in the software. The hardware must be good, of course, and to llok at and so on but the difference is in the software. Both on the device and connecting PC.

Every manufacturer can learn from Apple’s success with the iPod and iTunes combo. iTunes just works (a lot can be said against it, but not that it does not work).

I got a simple telephone – Nokia 6300- with the renewal of a subscription. Popped in the CDROM that came with it in the box. Wanted to do some sim card contacts list lean up on the PC. Connect via usb. Guess what?  Error. Bloody error “unexpected system error” or similar. Sigh.

Nokia makes tons of different models and it is a very difficult task.

* The software installed a Synchronizer without asking. Another startup item in my tray. No option in the settings that I do not want to synchronize. I dont even have Outlook installed (the assumed and only app to sync with), you blind moron!

* Actually 2 icons are installed in my system tray. And a desktop icon, without my consent.  Fuck you Nokia! And I am a experiences gadget and pc user. How must a less experienced user find her way through all these icons, this clutter of options ?

* I clicked on the icon Contacts, as I wanted to clean up my SIM card. Great! the software silently copied all my contacts to telephone first. Now all the contacts are double. Sigh. I want to work from my SIM card only. Don’t you support that?

* the software looks like software form Sun or cheap shareware;  a lot of loose dialogs, screens with half scroll bars, buttons that are ugly and misplaced. (actually most software looks a lot nicer).

I don’t want to be a Apple Fanboy, but you easily become one as the major players are dropping the ball by selling this mediocre at best software.

What a misery.


I spotted an option ‘Update Phone Firmware’. Always happy for the latest, I clicked it. Sigh, it opens a download page on the nokia site. So no integrated software updater.
Next, I have to enter my phone’s model number. You bloody software, you *know* you are connected to a 6300!
These things make the difference. It’s called user experience. And with the Nokia 6300 it sucks bigtime.

Two years ago I bought a Navman S80 car navigation system. Instead of a TomTom.

Well, it sucks big time

  • The touch screen records all kind of finger presses that you just didn’t issue (TTTTTT..)
  • Travel between (euro) countries on a regular basis?  costs you a lot of mouseclicks. No easey swiching between Netherlands and Belgium for example, lots of painful scrolling
  • The on-screen keyboard is so bad. Misaligned, no calibration function.
  • Flash-alert: ha ! it warns you of radar traps that are on another road, but just happened to be near where you are driving.

I’ll come back and finish this list. God, do I hate this little sucker. Buy TomTom.

Ha! at last a place to rant. How we are fucked up each day by sleazy sales tactics. Got an 1GB Cruzer USB stick a while ago. Guess what? There was U3 on it. It’s terrible , it launches all kind of things when you enter the stick in a pc.

Hidden on the Sandisk’s site was a U3 removal tool. This is aboslute trash. In typical Windows style, the removal tool starts all kind of subprocesses: backing up the content of the stick, starting the removal and then the system formatter utility. But guess what? Things work asynchronously. So when the U3 removal tool thinks step 1 is completed, in effect step 1 has triggered a Vista security dialog that is hidden because of a mouseclick…so I ended up with 7 dialogs all waiting for each other, 2 formatting processes, one dialog asking for a confirmation of sorts..  ARGHHH ! So I franticly clicked yes! format ! yes delete everyting ! yes format again in a parallel process, you stupid pc !

Mmmm I must say, ranting feels good.