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It’s the details


(continued form Nokia must die)

After instaling new Nokia PC Software I was greeted by a dialog

Noklia Stupid Dialog

Noklia Stupid Dialog

See?  most people will understand what to do, but way not make this actually 100% correct?

I was thinking that of course Apple also goofes, sometimes big. Case in point the push notification of the iPhone, delayed for more than a year. But I have more sympathy for being over ambitious and holding back releases until done right rather than throwing things on the market, unpolished.

I connect the phone and it asks me “What mode should I connect? Nokia mode, Data or Storage”.

How the fuck should I know?  And why is there no instruction on the PC Suite window while waiting for this connection to be set up?

Its’s not the big one feature that is not there or not working that annoys most. It’s the daily bombardment of small, avoidable, unnecesary bugs, errors, inconsistencies, annoyances, incompatibilities that make you want to ..er..  rant.