Navman S80 : Rubbish! @#$%&*!


Two years ago I bought a Navman S80 car navigation system. Instead of a TomTom.

Well, it sucks big time

  • The touch screen records all kind of finger presses that you just didn’t issue (TTTTTT..)
  • Travel between (euro) countries on a regular basis?  costs you a lot of mouseclicks. No easey swiching between Netherlands and Belgium for example, lots of painful scrolling
  • The on-screen keyboard is so bad. Misaligned, no calibration function.
  • Flash-alert: ha ! it warns you of radar traps that are on another road, but just happened to be near where you are driving.

I’ll come back and finish this list. God, do I hate this little sucker. Buy TomTom.


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